7 Easy and Painless Ways to Increase Your Dietary Fiber!

Who Knew Healthy Could Be So Delicious? Getting plenty of fiber in your diet keeps your digestive system healthy and can help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. Fiber-rich meals also keep you feeling fuller for longer—a big plus if you’re trying to lose weight. Yet when you’re used to the average modern diet, full of highly processed foods, it’s …

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Relaxation and More with Meditation

Meditation is a fundamental aspect of the New Age movement. It usually involves deep breathing and focusing on a certain image, thought, word, or sound. The different types of meditation vary as widely as the different purposes for meditating. People of various spiritual traditions have been using meditation for thousands of years to alter their consciousness in order to perceive …

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A Loving Relationship is Good for Your Health

  While there may be no concrete proof that a loving relationship is beneficial to one’s health, it certainly seems to have a positive effect on one’s overall well being. It seems that those who are involved in a long-term relationship where each person is treated lovingly tend to be happier, more relaxed, have more confidence and are generally healthier. …

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