My Review Of Canva Graphic Design Software

My Review Of Canva – My Favorite Software By Far

You Cannot Go Wrong With Canva

No, I am not using my affiliate link for this review. Canva truly is my favorite app, by a long shot. You can use it FREE or pay about $12.95 a month for the Pro Version. The main difference between the two is that there are a good many photos, elements, fonts and the like that are usable by Pro members only. But – you still have pretty much all the features and usability with the FREE version as with Pro. I have used it both ways, and it is equally useful either way.

If you have a need to make any graphics, logos, printable items like business cards, business letterheads, ebook covers, resumes, invitations, social media images and memes, posters, infographics, presentations, and TONS of other designs, you need Canva. It is easy to use, even for a beginner. There are free tutorials, courses, templates, you name it, to help you use Canva in any way that you need.

Another cool feature of Canva is the printing option. You can create designs and order them printed on cups, shirts, etc. from Canva and have them shipped neatly to you. Need to design and create 50 shirts for your next family reunion? No problem! Canva has you covered. Want to add the Logo you just created to some mugs, business cards and other fun swag? Great, you can do that with Canva!

The possibilities are nearly endless as far as the things you can do with Canva, and I cannot emphasize enough how easy to use it truly is. Give it a try today!

Click here to visit and join Canva for FREE.

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