Tried These Fantastic Free Ways To Break That Writer’s Block?


Most writers struggle with this issue from time to time. They might call it something else, but creativity can sputter and spark like an old car in need of a tuneup. I have writer’s block myself when I least expect it and cannot think of a thing to say. Here is a list of some things I try when the blank page stymies me.

Try Walking Away!

Get away from the computer. (Or the paper) Simply get up and walk away from it. Even if you are working against a deadline, you are not getting anywhere by staring at a blank screen and getting more and more nervous as the creativity just doesn’t flow. Make a snack, watch tv, listen to some music, play with your kids, talk to your partner, make a phone call, take a walk, do ANYTHING to break that link to the empty page.

Try working on a different assignment entirely. Working on an unfamiliar task might jog your cognitive juices with a different topic, and once you have completed the new task, move back to the uncompleted one. Sometimes the new topic will free up your block against the old one.

Use a writer’s block idea generator. You can find many of these on Google, and they see a lot of use by a lot of writers. Definitely worth a try!

Here’s a link to a Random First Line Generator,

and a WritingPrompt Generator to try.

Ever Heard of Freewriting?

Try Freewriting! Set a timer for ten minutes, put a pen to paper, and just write freely for the entire ten minutes without stopping, about anything that pops into your head. What you write may be rather rough and need compiling and editing, or it may need throwing in the trash can. Either way, hopefully that nasty old block will disappear and you can finish the writing that you need to complete.

Try a puzzle. Work other areas of the brain and you might just shake that creativity loose.

Those are just a few ideas that might help you write again the next time you are blocked and need to let the creativity flow. Let me know if any of these ideas help you and feel free to comment below and share some of your own block breaking techniques.

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