Natural Ways To Combat Seasonal Depression

As beautiful as the Winter snow may be, to millions of people it is the beginning of a bout of Seasonal Depression. The Winter months can seem to feel as though they are years long to those who suffer from this debilitating condition. Years ago, settlers on the American Plains would struggle with “Cabin Fever” as they felt isolated and closed in by the harsh Winter weather. Even with the help of modern antidepressants and Vitamin D supplements to combat the stingy Winter sunlight, many sufferers still struggle to make it through the long Winter months.

Some Methods To Try!

There are some natural methods that can be used to fight off the gloom that afflicts so many during the cold and snow seasons.

  • Try to do as many of your favorite pleasurable activities as possible inside your home, when it is too cold or snowy to leave the house. Read a favorite book, play board or card games with family, or perhaps hop online to have a chat with a good friend.
  • Pull out the recipe box and cook a favorite recipe with a friend or child
  • Exercise! Spur on those feel-good endorphins! Jog in place, use an exercise bike, or even just turn on some music and dance.
  • How about some arts and crafts? If you enjoy knitting, crocheting, painting, start up a new project, or maybe even learn a new craft. There are tons of free patterns online.
  • Get the family together, pop some popcorn, and watch some favorite movies. Comedies are surefire laugh inducers!
  • Take a nice hot soaking bath with candles and perfumed bath salts or bombs to indulge yourself and make your body and skin feel pampered.

These are just a few ideas to help yourself feel better during the difficult tiles when you feel closed in and blue. They are not medicine, of course, but sometimes positive activities can be a great organic medicine that works even better than the prescription stuff. At the very least, they may help as an additional non-medical treatment for the Winter Blues.

Add Positivity and Remove Negativity

Some days it can be a real challenge to remain positive. Believe you me, I know this very well. For example, this is the third time I have somehow ruined my entire blog and had to recreate it from scratch! (Note to self – stop adding plugins when the blog looks just fine! Stop right there!) However, it is far too easy to wallow in negativity and be sad and woebegone. It takes only a little effort to try to replace those negative thoughts with reaffirming positive thoughts instead. It sounds deceptively simple, but if you practice, this really does work.

Remind your self – out loud if necessary – all of your blessings and all the things you have to be thankful for. Block out the self-destructive habit of dwelling on all of your difficulties, mistakes, and stressors by replacing them with anything positive at all that you can imagine. If repeating positive and happy thoughts in your head or out loud doesn’t work, try journaling and jotting them down. Here is a great site to download and print a free journal- Read them aloud during the day. I also write at least one positive thing about me and my life in the mornings when I am writing my plans for the day. I have found that there hasn’t been even one day yet that I couldn’t find at least one good thing to write. Try it, I think you’ll find that it will help blow those blues right out of your mind!

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