How To Make The Most Out Of Your Mornings

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely HATE being in a tremendous rush in the mornings. I would just about rather scrub the floor on my hands and knees than rush around the house, frustrated, trying to get ready to go to work or school. Just for that reason, I adopted some standard routine morning habits to help prevent this problem.

We Are All Busy

We are all busy and it is so easy to run late and have to hurry around the house and become aggravated. Whether you only have to get yourself ready in time in the mornings, or perhaps you have kids to get ready as well, and you might even have a partner besides to get ready and get out of the house and on your way to work or school. No matter your situation, your day will probably run more smoothly if you manage a frustration-free morning before you leave!

My Morning Routines

Here are my morning routines that I adhere to faithfully so I can start out my day positively. Starting the night before, I get everyone’s outfits out and fold or hang them so they are ready in the morning, shoes and accessories included. I also have always tried to get all homework, studying, and any business paperwork completed in the afternoon or evening beforehand. I decide (if I haven’t already in a planner) what we will eat for breakfast, packed lunches, and supper the next day, and make sure we have all the ingredients. I prefer a relaxing bath or shower at night as opposed to in the morning, so I get that taken care of as part of my getting ready for bed.

Yep, I Use My Alarm

I set my alarm for a full hour (yes, an hour!) earlier than anyone else awakens, so I have time alone first thing in the morning just for me. I have found I do much better without that extra hour of sleep so I can have time to myself early in the morning to wake up slowly and enjoy my morning routine. I have a nice cup of coffee or two while the house is quiet and still, work on my daily planner and goals, sometimes take a few minutes to enjoy reading a few pages in my current book, and sometimes write a few pages in the novel I am working on. I encourage you to try this to see if it works for you. By the time the rest of the house wakes up, I am calm and ready to help get everyone else ready and out the door to begin our day.

How about you? Do you have any tips or advice about how you de-stress your mornings? Comment below and share!

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